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Equine Infectious Anemia

 Equine Infectious Anemia(EIA) is an incurable viral infection that affects horses, donkeys, and mules.  The virus is transmitted from an infected horse to other horses by the exchange of blood, generally by biting flies, but also by shared needles.  The test used to determine whether a horse is infected with the virus or not is called a Coggins test.

     More information regarding EIA and state rules on testing can be found by following these links:

      Equine Infectious Anemia

      Michigan EIA Rules

The Thompson Veterinary Clinic uses an electronic Coggins form issued through Global Vet Link.  To use this service for your horse, please follow the steps listed below.

  1. When scheduling the blood draw for the Coggins test, please check with our receptionist to ensure we have your current e-mail address and that we have photos of your horse on file.  If we do not have photos of your horse in our records, then digital photos will be taken of your horse when the blood sample is drawn.

  1. Create an owner account at Global Vet Link.  Please follow the step by step instructions provided by Global Vet Link that are found on their website by clicking here

  1. To ensure that we enter the correct information at Global Vet Link regarding you and your horse, please download the form provided by Global Vet Link, fill it out, and, either, hand it to us when the blood sample is drawn or fax it to the Thompson Veterinary Clinic at (906) 341-3595.

            Global Vet Link Form