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At Home Euthanasia & Pet Cremation Services at Thompson Veterinary Clinic

At the Thompson Veterinary Clinic, we understand the importance of the human-animal bond and the significance of your pet as a family member.  The Thompson Veterinary Clinic is currently able to offer additional pet loss services to our community.  In addition to offering dignified pet cremation services, we currently offer at-home euthanasia and after care services.

Due to client requests, at-home euthanasia and after care services have recently been added.  This service requires pre-planning and scheduling and cannot be performed on an emergency basis due to staffing demands.  Many families prefer that euthanasia be performed at home, where their beloved pet is more relaxed and does not feel fearful.

We offer pet cremation for several reasons.  First, in many urban communities, ordinances or space prohibit owners from burying their pets in the back yard, as was previously done.  Secondly, cremation has become an affordable and simple option that did not exist in the past.  In fact, the majority of pets are cremated today.  Finally, with our society becoming increasingly mobile, choosing cremation gives you the ability to take your pet's cremated remains with you if you move to another home.

Unlike the human cremation industry, there are very little or no regulations when it comes to pet cremations.  You may choose from "private" cremation where the cremated remains you receive are those of your beloved pet or "communal" cremation where cremated remains are commingled and cannot be returned to you.  Currently, research indicates that about 70% of all pet families choosing cremation want their pet's cremated remains back.  This has changed greatly.  Fifteen years ago, only 1 in 4 pet families chose private cremation and return of the pet's cremated remains.  At Thompson Veterinary Clinic, cremation services are provided by Bay Waters Pet Cremation Services in Gladstone, Michigan.  Bay Waters Pet Cremation Services is a division of Hoegh Pet Casket company of Gladstone, Michigan. The time from your pet's death until the remains are returned to you in an urn can vary, but generally is not more than one week.

At Thompson Veterinary Clinic, we understand that pet loss is a stressful time and we try to make this difficult time easier on pet families by offering these services for your convenience.  Please feel free to question our staff members about making euthanasia arrangement, scheduling and fees.

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