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Animal chiropractic, also known as Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy, is a therapeutic modality that uses chiropractic adjustments(or spinal manipulation) on the joints of the spinal column to provide a drug-free approach to the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders and to the maintenance of the animal’s overall health.  Under normal circumstances, the health of the individual is the result of a complex interaction between the nervous, the musculo-skeletal, and the endocrine systems of the body.  This process is referred to as homeostasis.  Normal joint mobility or motion, especially in the spinal column, is necessary for the nervous system to perceive and respond appropriately to the stressors placed on the body by its internal and external environments. Hypomobility, or reduced joint motion, diminishes the capability of the nervous system to perceive and respond to these stressors, which in turn alters homeostasis.  This can be physically expressed in animals as poor athletic performance, lameness/injuries, gastrointestinal disorders, or pain. Joint hypomobility may arise from trauma, conformational problems, poor nutrition, or degenerative medical conditions.  Practitioners of animal chiropractic will use their hands to apply a specific high velocity, low amplitude thrust(called an adjustment) to hypomobile joints to restore motion.  The restoration of motion allows the nervous system to again appropriately perceive and respond to environmental stressors and permit homeostasis and healing to proceed in a normal fashion.  The benefits seen are diminished pain, improved muscle tone, improved flexibility, and the breakdown of joint adhesions.  In summary, normal joint mobility permits the nervous system to function at peak efficiency to maintain health and allows the opportunity for an animal to live up to its fullest potential.



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